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There are three hundred thousand Rooshians, I tell you, now entering France by Mayence and the Rhine--three hundred thousand under Wittgenstein and Barclay de Tolly, my poor love.
The second broadsheet stated that our headquarters were at Vyazma, that Count Wittgenstein had defeated the French, but that as many of the inhabitants of Moscow wished to be armed, weapons were ready for them at the arsenal: sabers, pistols, and muskets which could be had at a low price.
Insensibly this mass of almost annihilated beings became so compact, so deaf, so torpid, so happy perhaps, that Marechal Victor, who had been their heroic defender by holding twenty thousand Russians under Wittgenstein at bay, was forced to open a passage by main force through this forest of men in order to cross the Beresina with five thousand gallant fellows whom he was taking to the emperor.
I owe this way of looking at the matter to my friend Ludwig Wittgenstein.
The Selected Writings of Maurice O'Connor Drury: On Wittgenstein, Philosophy, Religion, and Psychiatry
Erroneously, Ludwig Wittgenstein has been touted as one of those seeking the demise of the metaphysical enterprise [see Okoro (2012); Unah (2004); and Omolafe (2000)].
The Jews," in other words, exemplify the sort of social entity Wittgenstein spoke of as "a complicated network of similarities overlapping and criss-crossing.
When Wittgenstein was working on the latter part of the
In Rosroe Wittgenstein is still remembered as the man who talked to the birds.
Social Inquiry after Wittgenstein and Kuhn: Leaving Everything As It Is.
True to form, this book charts the intellectual and cultural legacies on which Wittgenstein drew: Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, and (with Nicholas Burbules in Chapter 9), currents in 20th c.
The Vienna Circle thinkers who took inspiration from Wittgenstein as a "positivist," however, got things fundamentally wrong about what Wittgenstein was trying to achieve in the Tractatus.