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(Biography) Sir P(elham) G(renville). 1881–1975, US author, born in England. His humorous novels of upper-class life in England include the Psmith and Jeeves series
Wodeˈhousian adj



Sir P(elham) G(renville), 1881–1975, U.S. novelist and humorist, born in England.
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Noun1.Wodehouse - English writer known for his humorous novels and stories (1881-1975)
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On the surface a Wodehousian buffoon who spent more time in the tuck shop than in class, but underneath a shrewd operator, with gargantuan ambition and the ability to charm even the most vinegar-blooded political cannibal such as Paxman.
1, who boasted the Wodehousian name of Florence Kaye.
Directed by Sean Foley, who did a similar job on Morecambe and Wise in The Play What I Wrote (and similarly earned an Olivier Award for his troubles), it is not so much Wodehouse as Wodehousian.
However, he has no desire to follow the example of Hugh Laurie - who also starred as Wodehousian creation, Bertie Wooster, in his early days as a comic actor - and try and make it in the States with a series like House.
Set in a very Wodehousian country mansion, full of characters that might have peopled the master's oeuvre, this intricately plotted novel finds Jeeves and Wooster having reversed roles: Bertie is below-stairs, disguised as a gentleman's personal gentleman, bringing tea up to Jeeves, who has had to impersonate a certain lord.
2007:25"); "the epitome of an almost Wodehousian English gentleman.