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imp.1.imp. of Will. See Would.
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De sa riche carriere, l'histoire retiendra la medaille d'argent decrochee aux jeux Olympiques de 2000 a Sydney, derriere le Kenyan Millon Wolde.
With hertely wyl they sworen and assenten To al this thyng--ther seyde no wight nay Bisekynge hym of grace, er that they wenten, That he wolde graunten hem a certein day Of his spousaille, as soone as evere he may; For yet alwey the peple somwhat dredde, Lest that the markys no wyf wolde wedde.
Until Willis' late-race charge, the pace was largely controlled by Ethiopians Dawit Wolde and Aman Wote, and Djibouti's Ayanleh Souleiman, with Centrowitz hanging in fourth place.
Farah took it easy in the opening laps before charging away from nearest challengers Augustine Choge and Dawit Wolde with 300m to go, finishing in seven minutes 39.
In the small tome penned by the late Swedish writer and illustrator Gunilla Wolde, the young hero of the story does just that: bakes himself a cake, the recipe and method for which is contained within the pages.
Wolde Kristos has campaigned hard to make it a thriving area for wildlife and has managed to get Bluefields Bay declared a no-fishing zone.
Also on the start line was 97-year-old Wami Biratu, who ran alongside Bikila and 1968 Olympic marathon champion Mamo Wolde.
But we had more birds to tick off our list, which we did with the help of ecoactivist Wolde Kristos, who works with the Bluefields People's Community Association, running excursions in the area.
Becking and Korpel, "To Create, to Separate or to Construct: An Alternative for a Recent Proposal as to the Interpretation of bara' in Genesis 1:1-2:4a," Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 10 [2010]; van Wolde and Rezetko, "Semantics and the Semantics of bara': A Rejoinder to the Arguments Advanced by B.
Greub had been leaving a meeting with two colleagues when the attackers shot at their vehicle at "point-blank" range, ICRC spokesman Wolde Saugeron said Wednesday.
62 (1), and the study by Wolde Z where 83% belonged to age group of 25 to 34 years (2) and study by Familoni OB where the mean age was 27.
That John Meisel views his life and times in picaresque terms is made clear by the quotation from Chaucer on the front page of his autobiographical volume: "And gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly teche.