Wollaston Lake

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Wol′laston Lake′

a lake in NE Saskatchewan, in central Canada. ab. 796 sq. mi. (2062 sq. km).
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Synopsis: In 1999, reporter Julie Buckles and husband Charly Ray set off on a 1700 mile journey with their handcrafted red canoe from Bayview beach for their honeymoon, traveling the Voyageur Highway from Lake Superior to Wollaston Lake where they stayed for the winter.
They travelled many miles to come to 'the south' from Peace River, Valley View and Grande Cache in Alberta and from Fond du Lac and Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan.
But when they returned home after 10 days, they returned to a completely intact and undamaged Hatchet and Wollaston Lake First Nation.
A FEW YEARS ago, a friend proposed a trip to Wollaston Lake near the border between Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.
The planned access road to the property will coincide with the proposed new Provincial Road 995 to be built to a First Nations village located on the southeast side of Wollaston Lake.
I once set up an alpha spectrometer near Wollaston Lake in Northern Saskatchewan.
Killock Bay covers approximately 9,276 hectares along the eastern edge of the Athabasca basin on the northern shore of Wollaston Lake within the prolific Wollaston Domain.
Culture Award recipient, Marcella Tsannie, is a Grade 10 student at the Wollaston Lake Dene Nation, who follows strong cultural traditions and speaks fluent Dene.