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 (wo͝ol′zē), Cardinal Thomas 1475?-1530.
English prelate and politician. Archbishop of York and chief adviser to Henry VIII, he fell from favor after failing to secure papal approval of Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon (1529).


(Biography) Thomas. ?1475–1530, English cardinal and statesman; archbishop of York (1514–30); lord chancellor (1515–29). He dominated Henry VIII's foreign and domestic policies but his failure to obtain papal consent for the annulment of the king's marriage to Catherine of Aragon led to his arrest for high treason (1530); he died on the journey to face trial


(ˈwʊl zi)

Thomas, 1475?–1530, English cardinal and statesman.
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of whose intrigues Wolsey was at once the instrument and the dupe.
What an ample subject for reflection on the uncertain Enjoyments of this World, would not that Phaeton and the Life of Cardinal Wolsey afford a thinking Mind
And by carefully giving way to the inclination of the leaves, he did find it, or within a page or two, quite near enough to satisfy Lady Bertram, who assured him, as soon as he mentioned the name of Cardinal Wolsey, that he had got the very speech.
He considered himself entitled, at Hampton Court on a holiday, to forget the very names of Cardinal Wolsey or William of Orange; but he could hardly be dragged from some details about the arrangement of the electric bells in the neighboring hotel.
This mansion, built by a subject, bore a far greater resemblance to those royal residences which Wolsey fancied he was called upon to construct, in order to present them to his master form the fear of rendering him jealous.
In a poem called Colin Cloute Skelton pointed out the evils of his day and at the same time pointed the finger of scorn at Wolsey.
And being bold as bitter, and having set hold with hatred upon Wolsey, he in another poem called Why come ye not to Court?
A highly successful lawyer, he was rapidly advanced by Henry VIII in court and in national affairs, until on the fall of Cardinal Wolsey in 1529 he was appointed, much against his will, to the highest office open to a subject, that of Lord Chancellor (head of the judicial system).
The family-run business in Haverfordwest has appointed Helen Wolsey, the daughter of Frio's founders, to create designs for its cooling products, which include insulin and medical cooling wallets, cosmetic wraps, drinks coolers and cooling sportswear.
An Old Bailey jury unanimously found Rostam Notarki, 53, guilty of causing Charles Hickox's death when he was chased from the Cardinal Wolsey pub into the path of a van.
30pm Cardinal Wolsey built Hampton Court 500 years ago.
Lord Chancellor and chief minister for 15 years, Cardinal Wolsey (1473-1530) was England's most powerful man during the reign of Henry VIII - with the sole exception of the King himself.