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A marvelous or miraculous act, work, or achievement; a marvel.

won′der·work′er n.
won′der·work′ing adj.


something done or made that excites wonder; miracle or wonder
ˈwonder-ˌworker n
ˈwonder-ˌworking n, adj


(ˈwʌn dərˌwɜrk)

a wonderful work or deed; marvel; miracle.
[before 1000]
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DISPLAY specialist The Wonderworks has completed a Christmas commission from a top shopping centre.
Alabama Theater Legends in Concert Palace Theater Ripley's Aquarium Soar+Explore The Carolina Opry WonderWorks Coral Beach Resort and Suites Ocean 22 by Grand Hilton Ocean Plaza Motel Palmetto Vacation Rentals Polynesian Hotel Roxanne Towers Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort Springmaid Beach Resort Thomas Beach Vacations Viking Motel
In addition to running her own 200-plus person real estate firm and spearheading its successful growth, she has led a number of other successful business ventures, and has been a large gift donor for a number healthcare organizations, active investor in Broadway theatre, and serves as a venture capital partner in the WonderWorks attraction in Orlando.
He's an owner of a bunch of other businesses, including a bank, several hotels, a casino in Biloxi, a portable toilet company, and Wonderworks, that upsidedown building in Orlando that houses an indoor amusement park.
And consulting firms such as WonderWorks now exist to support organizations through the transition.
In addition to the theme parks, customers can check out any of Smart Destinations' other attraction partners in the greater Orlando area, including the famous Kennedy Space Center, Gatorland, and Wonderworks.
Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha made a day of it when they explored WonderWorks (pounds 14), an upturned four-storey house with 100 interactive exhibits inside.
How will Obama craft a just economic order out of the latest dust pile generated by America's faith in liberalism's free-market wonderworks.
Leslie Edwards reported that the Reds had "thrown a characteristic spanner into the wonderworks of the Spurs and sent 49,000 people to their homes limp with exhaustion from a game which had almost fictional quality in the way in which it took hold of the spectator and shook him.
For example at LuLu's Bait Shack restaurant you're given crayons to draw on your tablecloth, while you can't help but laugh at the WonderWorks building.
John Palmer, president of Canoga Park-based WonderWorks, a design and production company whose clients include NASA, heard about the tragedy while going about his morning routine of having coffee with his wife and watching the news.