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adv.1.Wonderfully; wondrously.
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Its staff of 52 is led by Olson, president and chief executive officer; Kurt Stonex, principal in charge of planning and landscape architecture; Peter Tuck, principal in charge of engineering; and Chris Wonderly, engineering supervisor.
Wonderly - Linda Jean Wonderly, 60, of Springfield died Sept.
Honorees in attendance were: John Butcher of Target, Jeremy Gosch of Hy-Vee, Mike McEnany of CVS Pharmacy, Donna Tweeten of Hy-Vee, Annie Walker of Walmart and Jim Wonderly of QK Healthcare.
ANSM); Desierto de Los Leones, Lyonnet 1125 (ENCB, MEXU), 2135 (CHAPA, MEXU), 3077 (IEB, MEXU); Desierto de Los Leones, Paray 491 (ENCB, MEXU); Thickets near Eslava, Pringle 9380 (MEXU), 13009 (MEXU); Desierto de Los Leones, Sabandijas, Rivera 4122 (MEXU); W of la Marquesa in Desierto de Los Leones, Wonderly 203 (MEXU); Del.
28 April 2015: Samuel Angel, Michael Diambri, Teresa Hackler, Amanda Hasson, Matthew Macfarlane, Christiano Mazziotti, Emma Pierce, Aaron Rudolf, David Tangren, Megan Wonderly.
MONIQUE WONDERLY, "Toward a Theory of Emotional Attachment.
For a quirkier experience, "The wonderly gypsy wagon" in Fintown, Co Donegal, proposes an alternative staycation.
Of his stature he was of evene lengthe, And wonderly deliver, and greet of strengthe.
Miss Wonderly is defined by what she "wants"--by, that is, her desire and its forward-looking nature.
For example, as Daniel Wonderly pointed out, the total thickness of sedimentary rock in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern West Virginia and western Virginia is between 20,000 to 35,000 feet.
Dave Wonderly of the Nye County School District said 'Geothermal heat pump technology has been a big success out here in the desert, so it only makes sense that we would include it in this project as well.