a.1.Same as Wondrous.
References in classic literature ?
What wonderous strides toward perfection the human race might have made if the first man had evolved it and it had persisted until now as the creed of humanity.
With this one, all the forces of nature that are occult and deep and strong must have worked together in some wonderous way.
They will sit and enjoy a wonderous spectacle of shadow puppets, table-top puppets, object theatre, dance, music and animation all brought to life by one of Scotland's leading puppetry companies.
Vintage Dubai photos get a brand new frame The entirety of the two transparent, glass towers are 150m tall, and is connected by a 93-meter bridge, from which tourists and residents can feast upon the spectacular panoramic view speckled with wonderous towers and skyscrapers, comprising a skyline that competes with other renowned cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.
If all of this sounds fascinating and wonderous, one may wonder if there is a communications gap -- or lack of cognizance -- of these capabilities.
Later that night, a strange light fills Sid's bedroom and he is transported to a wonderous new world of make-believe where he comes face to face with his fluffy monster Kevin and a host of other invisible friends.
Anders has plans to self-publish his second book, The Wonderous Wandering Acrobats Show, his second picture book, showcases rare vintage circuses told to a picture book narrative will be available this summer.
Doctors said Cheetah's wife had been like a rock as he made the wonderous recovery.
Diaz's The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao (2007), for which the author became the second Latino/a to win the Pulitzer Prize, exhibits a non-traditional reading of the Massacre via historical and vehemently opinionated footnotes, while both his short story collections Drown (1997) and This is How You Lose Her (2013) provide a raw understanding of how Dominicans, from the perspective of a male narrator, view Haitians.
Also, a new sophisticated sound system combines to give the visitor a multimedia experience of the wonderous sights of the universe, Suleiman informed.
O the event in Amerika Tis a wonderous event The plane crash in Amerika What a wonderous event That hundred storied house broke O what a wonderous event Bush says Laden Was this your real intention O what a wonderous event Bush says O Laden Was it your intention to deceive O what a wonderous event Teams [of soldiers] went to war And look Bush's people died And look at Laden laugh O the plane crash in Amerika What a wonderous event They went to war In teams they went [from Laden's side] But they could not fight against Bush Bush's soldiers went after Laden But look Laden hid in a cave Look they could not catch him O the plane crash in Amerika O what a wonderous event
For two years, BeitMisk has organized during the Christmas season a wonderous Santa's Factory where kids can meet Santa, Mrs.