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Noun1.Woodwardia - in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae: chain ferns
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
Blechnaceae, family Blechnaceae - one of a number of families into which the family Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems; includes genera Blechnum, Doodia, Sadleria, Stenochlaena, and Woodwardia
chain fern - a fern of the genus Woodwardia having the sori in chainlike rows
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Wooden railway sleepers are invaluable and plants used include dwarf palmetto trees, under-planted with Chamaerops humilis, hart's tongue and shuttlecock ferns, Woodwardia, and a collection of canna lilies.
2012) recopilaron los numeros basicos de Blechnaceae, indicando: x=27 para Pteridoblechnum, x = 29, 31, 33, 34 y 36 para Blechnum, x = 32 para Doodia, x=33 para Sadleria, x=34 y x=35 para Woodwardia, x=35 para Brainea, x=37 para Stenochlaena y x=40 para Salpichlaena, mientras que Chambers & Farrant (1998) y Tindale & Roy (2002) reportaron x = 28, 32 y 37 para Blechnum de Australia.
The composition of ground flora species was highly variable among study sites, with pteridophytes (Athyrium filix-femina, Woodwardia areolata) and Arundinaria gigantea dominating at low degrees of bank incision.
Alders on ravines and banks hosting populations of paleotropical ferns of community interest: Woodwardia radicans and Trichomanes speciosum .
Dryopteris cristata and Vaccinium macrocarpon are threatened, while Cypripedium acaule, Glyceria taxa and Woodwardia virginica are of special concern (Table 3).
1], respectivamente, en Alsophila spinulosa, Pronephrium lakhimpurnse, Gymnosphaera metteniana, Pteris fauriei, Microlepia hookerriana, Lindsaea chienii, Diplaziu donianum, Woodwardia japonica y Arachniodes exilis.
es exclusivamente americano, mientras que Woodwardia y Blechnum se encuentran en America y el viejo mundo, siendo este ultimo genero el unico presente en Argentina.
Large wetland ferns including Osmunda cinnamomea, Osmunda regalis, Woodwardia uirginica, and Woodwardia areolata are present.
On the other hand, when the general hyperoceanic character of the climate in the area under study is accompanied in specific places by a deep encasement of the watercourses, with abundant rapids and waterfalls inducing high atmospheric humidity in the environment, these forests tend to show exuberant populations of hygrosciophilous pteridophytes, such as Woodwardia radicans, Culcita macrocarpa, Hymenophyllum tunbrigense or Stegnogramma pozoi (Table 3).
El mesofilo estuvo formado por parenquima en empalizada y esponjoso en las especies estudiadas, similar a lo informado para especies de Marattia, Pleopeltis, Cheilanthes, Elaphoglossum y Woodwardia J.