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1. An applet by which word clouds can be created on a computer.
2. A word cloud made by means of this applet.

[Coined by Jonathan Feinberg (born 1967), American software engineer who developed the applet .]
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Two websites I have used as tools for thinking about vocabulary, expression, and cultural identity, and to learn about my students are Wordle (see Figure 1) and Tagxedo (see Figure 2).
Our wordle shows the most used words in response to our Big Boro Survey question about Aitor Karanka AITOR Karanka is proving a smash hit with the Boro fans.
Spinning also has a full line of cycling jerseys, bottoms, tops and casual wear for both men and women including the new Wordle Thermal shirt.
Martin, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: How Wordle Can Help Legal Writers, 9 LEGAL COMM.
Tools are either free or free with optional fee-based upgrades and consist of curation, artistic, presentation, social networking, and other tools: Symbaloo, Diigo, eduClipper, Big Huge Labs, iPiccy, Sumo Paint, uJam, WeVideo, SlideShare, Poll Everywhere, VoiceThread, Prezi, TodaysMeet, Skype, Kidblog, Edmodo, Twitter, Wordle, Padlet, ClassDojo, Capzles, Easelly, and Delivr.
There are many word cloud tools available on the web, but two that I have used are Wordle (www.
A good starting place is Chris's ICT in English area, where, for example, Chris Warren presents a video on how to use Wordle to explore the vocabulary of a Shakespeare play and the importance of screening out the distorting 'noise' of stage directions and marginal speaker names.
Each transcript including the responses of the interviews were then put into a web-based word cloud program known as Wordle to discern the most common words in the conversation.
Pictogram of the various functions the merged body would have to perform Picture: WORDLE.
If ever you wonder what a particular report or speech is really saying, wordle it and you will get the picture.