workers compensation insurance

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work′ers' compensa′tion insur`ance

insurance required by law from employers for the protection of employees while engaged in the employer's business.
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Workers' compensation insurance premiums in Louisiana will drop 5.
We are committed to being a competitive workers' compensation insurance provider that brings value to California employers.
Every state must have Workers' compensation insurance as per the Law and companies should help in protecting their worker s precious assets.
That's what the Idaho Department of Insurance wanted to know In 2002, it questioned the authority of the Fund Group's acquired subsidiary, now called Advantage Workers' Compensation Insurance Co.
State law requires businesses to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover medical and disability costs for employees injured on the job.
It has come to my attention that there may be some inconsistency within the Department regarding the inclusion of the Workers' Compensation Insurance (Defense Base Act) clause at FAR 52.
This is especially true given the rapidly rising premiums that employers are paying for workers' compensation insurance.
A number of factors have led to the escalation of workers' compensation insurance prices.
A recent national survey of small business decision-makers reports that restaurant owners focus primarily on price when shopping for workers' compensation insurance, with little attention paid to potential savings available through workplace accident prevention.
a workers' compensation insurance specialist, announced today that its Preferred Agency Captive Program has surpassed $100 million in annual workers' compensation insurance premium.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest deadline for a legislative deal to reform the workers' compensation insurance system came and went Friday, with Democrats and Republicans differing on the progress of the talks.
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