workers compensation insurance

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work′ers' compensa′tion insur`ance

insurance required by law from employers for the protection of employees while engaged in the employer's business.
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The global workers compensation insurance market was valued at around USD 132 billion in 2016 and is expected to surpass USD 164 billion by 2021.
June 2 -- The 217 workers compensation insurance companies will be required to pay $17 million more into the special fund that pays claims for the 23 insolvent workers compensation insurance companies.
The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau estimates the new law will cost California employers $3.
announced that a New York State Supreme Court Grand Jury will examine the vulnerability of New York s workers compensation insurance system to fraud and misuse.
A contract is signed between Employers and Paychex Insurance Agency to offer chance to secure and pay for workers compensation insurance to small businesses processing payroll through the latter in association.
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