Working point

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(Mach.) that part of a machine at which the effect required; the point where the useful work is done.

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System flow resistance at the design working point of the primary pump is selected to calculate the loop pressure set point as expressed in Equation (2).
Establishing the functional parameters in Witness, at the working point, for the tool exchanging times is made by using data obtained for the process simulation (Cotet et al.
Figure 7 displays plots of output (at working point, using a die with [D.
Services for Collecting and Transporting Waste From Working Point Aibb-Av Cnab - According to the Requirements of the Specification - Lot Ii
Lot 1 - Diesel wholesale - for Branches Feldioara and Suceava - estimated: 1,718,800 RON VAT; Lot 2 - Diesel, gasoline card based headquarters and branches Feldioara and Suceava - estimated: 477 450 RON without VAT; Lot 3 - Diesel, gasoline card based working point - Stei sector - estimated: 89 809.
After running a material flow simulation in the preliminary architecture we could see that the milling machine is a material flow concentrator do to the big manufacturing time that the blank spends on this working point.
The bank said the agencies and working points of the Romanian subsidiary in a number of locations are closed.
It were taken samples of suspension powders by twelve working points denoted by [P.
To the acquisition are also included in the physical cash management services to arrange cash counting services and coin maintenance RAY~s own gaming clubs and working points throughout mainland Finland.
We define diffused manufacturing systems as architectures with more than two working points connected by transport and transfer systems and using buffers (Coulouris et al.