Working house

a house where work is performed; a workhouse.

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We're not working House Bill 2453,'' said King, an Independence Republican, referring to the measure by number.
Working House is Taiwan's top household brand and retailer, covering living, product and space art and specializes in restaurant, kitchen, toiletry, furniture, decoration, gardening and stationary product development and design.
Comparing with other industry players, Working House started applying information system rather early, with the system applications including POS as well as sharing of business information between headquarter and suppliers.
Currently, Working House adopts the account/password mechanism as its security verification application method.
Shopping habits have changed - the big change is the working house wife who wants to do all her shopping under one roof and park her car outside.
He gradually builds up the complexity of the devices being built such that by the end of the work the reader should be able to build, for example, a working house burglar alarm, including coded key pad and various functional timers.
But to proponents of taking action, Sensenbrenner's dedication to the House's status as a pure reflection of popular will appeared to increase the risk of ending up with no working House at all making it less principled than perverse.
After joining the Real Rewards program, Working House will transfer their existing loyalty program members, totaling 150,000 members, to Real Rewards through a co-branded card conversion program.
Keeping the roof over your head Without a working roof, you barely have a working house.
After the worker was beaten to faint with electric baton, the crowd of three to four thousand workers seemed to be uncontrollable and they started to burn containers set as working houses of security and police as well as motorbikes.
Taipei, May 23, 2011 (CENS) -- To cope with the problem of few offspring of local families, the government will encourage enterprises to form a "family-friendly" working place by offering flexible working houses, instituting in-house nurseries, and promoting parental leave.
Up through the early '60s, he taught in high school and college, sending students into Catholic working houses of hospitality in hopes of radicalizing them to side with the ideals of nonviolence and with the poor, as he himself one day would.