Working pit

(Min.) a shaft in which the ore is hoisted and the workmen carried; - in distinction from a shaft used for the pumps.

See also: Pit

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From Victorian horse-drawn omnibuses and working pit pony demonstrations, to First World War vehicles and donkey rides, the equine extravaganza takes place today and Sunday.
Carlsberg-Tetley organiser Clive HIrst is pictured with the final day competitors, from left: Martin Dillon, Richard Bentley, Tony Green, Allan Thompson, Darren Griffiths, Tommy Johnstone, Lee Turner, Mick Chapman (runner-up), Bryan Jenkins, Tommy Heyes, Andrew Walker, Darren Naylor, Brian Walker, Charlie Bebbington, Paul Turner and Norman Fletcher (winner) (tmc240713carlsbergtetleybowls) | MUSEUM ATTRACTION: Carl, one of the last working pit ponies in England, was one of the attractions at an exhibition about the lives of the animals at the National Coal Mining Museum.
The Sygun Copper Mine in Snowdonia - abandoned as a working pit in 1903 -has been turned into an award-winner with winding tunnels and dark chambers you can explore on foot.
The landslide in May led to half a million tonnes of stone falling into a working pit closing off large areas of the main rock faces.
The landslide of half a million tonnes of stone into a working pit closed off large areas of the main rock faces at Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda, where around 200 quarrymen worked.
Daw Mill Colliery - the last remaining working pit in the Midlands - has a licence to operate until 2093.
When the last two working pit ponies finished in 1999, house coal cost the merchants pounds 25 a tonne at the pithead," he said.
The first shaft of the salt mine was sunk in 1844 and is the oldest working pit in the United Kingdom.
But now there are only seven working pit ponies left - all of them in South Wales.
Besides meeting Mark Martin and having at great time at the race, they'll get to have the ultimate race fan experience as an honorary member of a working pit crew.
It had been the last remaining working pit in Gateshead.