Works of supererogation

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(R. C. Ch.) those good deeds believed to have been performed by saints, or capable of being performed by men, over and above what is required for their own salvation.

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the performance of the offices of worship and intentness on works of supererogation and seeking to practice dhikr (remembrance of God; or the practice so designated) continuously and assiduity and diligence in the quest for salvation until he traversed those steep paths and undertook those hardships--but he did not attain the goal of his questing.
Hooker's assertion that sanctification enables the believer to avoid all mortal sins and his seeming acceptance of the idea of works of supererogation are further departures from Reformed theology.
Auerbach will cause me to do my routine duties well this fall, but if he does not make a satisfactory arrangement with me on salary matters, I do not think I shall do many works of supererogation.