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1. Having a wavelength of approximately 10 to 200 meters.
2. Capable of receiving or transmitting at wavelengths of approximately 10 to 200 meters: a shortwave radio.



n., adj., v. -waved, -wav•ing. n.
1. a radio wave shorter than that used in AM broadcasting, corresponding to frequencies of over 1600 kilohertz: used for long-distance reception or transmission.
3. of, pertaining to, or using shortwaves.
v.t., v.i.
4. to transmit by shortwaves.
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7NIGHTS 38&39 BIG INTERVIEW Jared Leto quits Jokering around to get back to his out of this world band.
He told that KCR would be inaugurated soon, yellow Bus Lane was delayed due to contractor but now world band and Asian development bank are also interested in the project.
Complementary technical assistance is also provided with the help of the World Band Financial Sector Advisory Centre in Vienna and the British Embassy in Sarajevo.
The Prime Minister appreciated the World Banks' continuous support to Pakistan and said that priority areas of development strategy are energy, economy, and education sectors and welcomed the cooperation of world band and the development partners in these areas.
There's going to be a CoderDojo for the kids and Kevin Godley, of pioneering music video duo Godley and Creme, will demonstrate his groundbreaking musical platform Whole World Band with live performances beamed in from around the world including Rodney Orpheus and Nigerian-Irish rapper, Simi Crowns.
Perfect for your travels and for world band enthusiasts, the radio has 9 shortwave bands plus LW/MW and FM and comes with a soft carrying case.
Tuesday night is Spotted Dog night and trombonist Kieran McLeod brings his New World band into the pub.
Cairo, Rajab 06, 1433, May 27, 2012, SPA -- Arab League (AL) and World Band signed here today a grant agreement to support efforts to empower Arab youths and promote participation in public life.
It is packed with unique photos and memorabilia and offers a complete history of the band, from its early days in Sweden to its evolution as a world band.
As a major contributor to Afghanistan, the World Band has provided 1.
It features five-piece world band Loon and two mime artists from theatre mimi.

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