worm gear

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worm gear
worm gear assembly

worm gear

1. A gear consisting of a spirally threaded shaft and a wheel with marginal teeth that mesh into it.
2. The toothed wheel of this gear; a worm wheel.

worm gear



1. (Mechanical Engineering) a device consisting of a threaded shaft (worm) that mates with a gearwheel (worm wheel) so that rotary motion can be transferred between two shafts at right angles to each other
2. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: worm wheel a gearwheel driven by a threaded shaft or worm

worm′ gear`

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or worm′gear`,

1. a mechanism consisting of a worm engaging with and driving a worm wheel.
2. a gear wheel driven by a worm.
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Noun1.worm gear - gear consisting of a shaft with screw thread (the worm) that meshes with a toothed wheel (the worm wheel); changes the direction of the axis of rotary motion
cogwheel, gear, gear wheel, geared wheel - a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion
worm - screw thread on a gear with the teeth of a worm wheel or rack
worm wheel - gear with the thread of a worm
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which is more than the average sidewinder but less than most worm drive saws.
This program should include refurbishment of existing pipes, hoses, and fixtures (replace worm drive and plastic snap fittings with proper crimped fittings where possible).
A hardened and ground steel worm gear with cross-axis helical gears and a hardened and ground steel worm drive shaft provide accuracy and reduced wear.
With the power of a worm drive and a very compact design, the WSWC 267-E circular saw is like no other, according to the manufacturer.
The Series C worm geared units provide inherent strength of the worm drive configuration, together with the ability to handle shock loads.
Elevation adjustment is with a hand crank, and the worm drive works with a cable drum.
Products include: Food Grade H-1 Punch Lubricant, Food Grade H-1 Grease NLGI #2, Food Grade Gear Oil SAE 90/ISO 220, Food Grade Hydraulic Oil, Worm Drive Lubricant, and Non-Food Grade Degreaser/Cleaner.
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I learned carpentry from a southern framer who insisted that the Skil Model 77 worm drive was the only saw worth having on the job site.
One product, which all engineers are familiar with and used over the years is almost definitely the worm drive hose clip, of which the original and most famous is the 'Jubilee' worm drive hose clip, manufactured by L Robinson and Company (Gillingham) Limited.