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intr.v. ver·mi·com·post·ed, ver·mi·com·post·ing, ver·mi·com·posts
To make compost by providing organic waste as a food source to earthworms and then collecting their excrement.
Compost created in this manner.
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Viewing the worm poop always causes a bit of breathless repugnance, nevertheless, when castings are seen first as a component of a picture on the page and then are scooped up with plastic spoons to carry into the classroom where it is ascertained to be little other than plain old before being added to the small pot holding a rooted philodendron cutting; the poop becomes far less icky, and far more understandable in the rhythm of life.
With a small initial investment, you could be harvesting your own worm poop.
For example, Terracycle was founded by producing worm poop fertilizer and packaging it in used soda bottles.
But they're called castings," Jacobs explains, adding that worm poop is cleaner than human feces and contributes to growing plant life.
In any case, in my very first Brain Mulch column, about 10 years ago, I wrote about worm poop.
While producing the company's liquefied worm poop plant food, they ran out of money and couldn't afford the bottles required to store and sell the product.
Biodieset is only one of the myriad topics addressed in Hannah's webTV show, dhlovelife, which focuses on topics like vegan junk food, bicycle culture and worm poop.
Its Worm Poop plant foods and fertilizers are produced by the company's worms.
The plants were thriving because the garbage fed to the worms generated worm poop that served as this fantastic fertilizer.
Another poop-inspired product is the new Organic Worm Poop Fertilizer from Terracycle, an organic lawn care company based in Trenton, New Jersey.
And those dining halls might have contained some of the same soda pop bottles that would later hold the liquid worm poop that was created by worms that ate the dorm food.
We also made a bin for red worms that eat garbage quickly and to the delight of the kids, we used worm poop for fertilizer.