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Shrop·shire 1

 (shrŏp′shîr′, -shər)
A historical region of western England on the Welsh border. It was part of the kingdom of Mercia during Anglo-Saxon times.

Shrop·shire 2

 (shrŏp′shîr′, -shər, -shīr′)
A hornless dark-faced sheep of a breed developed in Shropshire and raised for meat and wool.


(ˈʃrɒpˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
1. (Placename) a county of W central England: Telford and Wrekin became an independent unitary authority in 1998, and the remaining county of Shropshire became a unitary authority in 2009; mainly agricultural. Administrative centre: Shrewsbury. Pop (excluding Telford and Wrekin): 286 700 (2003 est). Area (excluding Telford and Wrekin): 3201 sq km (1236 sq miles)
2. (Breeds) a breed of medium-sized sheep having a dense fleece, originating from Shropshire and Staffordshire, England


(ˈʃrɒp ʃɪər, -ʃər)

1. Formerly, Salop. a county in W England. 412,500; 1348 sq. mi. (3490 sq. km).
2. one of an English breed of dark-faced sheep yielding good mutton and white wool.
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