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(ˈflɪntˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county of NE Wales, on the Irish Sea and the Dee estuary: became part of Clwyd in 1974, reinstated with reduced borders in 1996: includes the industrialized Deeside region in the E and the Clwydian Hills in the SW. Administrative centre: Mold. Pop: 149 400 (2003 est). Area: 437 sq km (169 sq miles)


(ˈflɪnt ʃɪər, -ʃər)

a historic county in Clwyd, in NE Wales.
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On Friday, October 21, she will be at Bangor-on-Dee Village Hall (this was originally to be at Worthenbury Village Hall, but the improvements have not been completed).
This includes a significant area around the Milford Haven Inner Waterbody in Pembrokeshire as well as a number of other smaller areas in Wales - Deepford Brook, Pembrokeshire; River Alyn (west of Wrexham) and Worthenbury Brook (east of Wrexham around Whitchurch); Llyn Maelog, Anglesey; Llyn yr Wyth Eidion, Anglesey; Llyn Pencarreg, Carmarthenshire; and Llanmiloe, Carmarthenshire.
9 LL13 (East Wrexham - Abenbury, Bowling Bank, Holt, Llan-y-Pwll, Pentre Maelor, Ridley Wood, Bangoron-Dee, Gyfelia, Marchwiel, Overton, Penley, Worthenbury, Johnstown): 28.
5-acre block of amenity deciduous woodland near Worthenbury, Wrexham, made PS22,000.
He admitted that it was he who went into the house at Worthenbury near Wrexham and stole a camera, a laptop computer and jewellery.
That said, he could do little more than win and could strip a good bit fitter for that run in the Worthenbury Novices' Chase (6.
Holt, Worthenbury and Shocklach have been producing catches of dace, plus some chub and quality roach.
The area around two lakes on Anglesey - Llyn Maelog and Llyn yr Wyth Eidion - would be included, and existing NVZs would be extended by the River Alyn, west of Wrexham, and Worthenbury Brook, east of Wrexham, along with a small change to the Hanmer Lake catchment.
Heading out towards the Cheshire/Wrexham countryside and the flatter countryside plains are picturesque villages dotted towards the border such as Holt and Worthenbury.
Steady catches of dace, grayling and small chub on the middle reaches around Worthenbury, Shocklach, Sutton Green and downstream to Farndon.
And late last month she clerked at her first property auction when 16 acres of farmland at Worthenbury, Wrexham, were sold for PS11,500 per acre.