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n. Mythology
An important god in the religion of the Germanic tribes of pre-Christian Germany, corresponding to the Norse god Odin.

[German, from Middle High German, from Old High German Wuotan; see wet- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈvəʊtɑːn; ˈvɔː-)
(European Myth & Legend) the supreme god in Germanic mythology. Norse counterpart: Odin
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Noun1.Wotan - supreme Teutonic god; counterpart of Norse Odin and Anglo-Saxon Woden
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Like Wotan, Isildur is intent on keeping the Ring but, unlike Wotan, he refuses all appeals to get rid of it.
Instead of the usual rock, Wotan beds Brunnhilde on one of the washing tables, a prosaic finale.
It's much better that I stayed at home than sang six very terrible performances of Wotan.
From left: Wotan played by Michael Druiett, Alberich by |Nicholas Folwell and Loge by Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke in Das Rheingold by Wagner
I was preparing for a dress rehearsal and I received a phone call from Maestro Gergiev's assistant, telling me that Maestro wanted me to step in for a concert performance of Das Rheingold because the Wotan at the time, Rene Pape, was indisposed.
Then there were the singers, Michael Druiett once again as Wotan - here disguised as the enigmatic Wanderer - and newcomer Mati Turi as Siegfried the standouts until Annalena Persson's Brunnhilde awoke.
Inset: Bryn as Wotan - a role he will perform in Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Royal Opera House this autumn
Wotan, King of the Gods and father to the pair (and nearly every other female character onstage) bows to marital pressure and Siegmund's life ends.
Wotan, the king of the gods, uses magic to steal the ring, but Alberich places a curse that guarantees misery for whoever wears it.
THE SILENCE (15) CAST: Ulrich Thomsen, Wotan Wilke Mohring, Sebastian Blomberg PLOT: We watch, horrified, as a man rapes and kills an 11-year-old girl in a cornfield, driving off with her body to dump elsewhere and leaving her bicycle behind.
Machines in the Rochester plant equipped with GE Fanuc controls include a Monarch TC-4 lathe, Wotan horizontal boring mill, a WA Whitney Panelmaster punch/plasma cutting combination, and a Monarch VMC-75 vertical machining center.
The joint venture will also provide complete machine rebuild and retrofit services for Cincinnati products, DST products including those active brands listed above, as well as all Wotan, Schiess, Froriep, MFD, Koellman, Jungenthal and Wanderer products.