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(Placename) Mount Wrangell a mountain in S Alaska, in the W Wrangell Mountains. Height: 4269 m (14 005 ft)


(ˈræŋ gəl)

Mount, an active volcano in SE Alaska, in the Wrangell Mountains. 14,006 ft. (4269 m).
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Department of Justice, and the Environmental Protection Agency have reached an agreement to resolve violations of the Clean Water Act for discharges of fish waste at two seafood processing facilities in Sand Point and Wrangell, Alaska.
USCG cutters Wrangell and Aquidneck patrolled the northern Arabian Sea from February 9 to 12 on operation Iron Guardian, exercising maritime security operations in the area.
In Wrangell, Alaska, it isn't illegal to sit down, and that's not how we would welcome a visitor to our town.
Facilities including the Ketchikan Shipyard, Wrangell Boatshop, and Seaview Boatyard cater to a variety of customers ranging from the government to commercial fishermen and pleasure craft owners.
In Alaska's southeastern archipelago, the small Wrangell Island is home to a mix of peoples and stories.
Peter's Hospital--Helena, Wrangell Medical Center--Wrangell,
14), and from there illustrates how the development of air transport in Alaska's Wrangell Mountains has been framed in the public eye as a reinterpretation of this idea.
This book details the lives of three governors' wives, Elisabeth von Wrangell, Margaretha Etholeen, and Anna Furuhjelm, in Russian colonies led by the Russian-American Company in Alaska in the 19th century.
Of those 4 species, only a single specimen of Silver-haired Bat was documented on the mainland and only the Longlegged Myotis was found north of Wrangell Island (Parker and others 1997).
Naval Academy with the Class of 1954, he served in the Supply Corps, and served as a Disbursing Officer aboard USS Lioba and Supply Officer aboard USS Wrangell, and later as the Procurement and Maintenance Supply Division Officer, Naval Supply Depot, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
com/politics/2012/08/23/author-bin-laden-raid-insider-account-idd-could-face-legal-trouble/) by Fox News as Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Wrangell, Alaska.
But later it came to light that the book was written by Matt Bissonnette, who is 36 years old and hails from Wrangell, Alaska.