wrap account

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wrap′ account`

a personally managed investment account where charges are levied on the basis of the account's total assets.
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Avoid "double dipping" when putting a variable annuity inside an investment advisory wrap account.
Brokerages' wrap account services target wealthy customers and offer a broad range of financial services.
Wrap account commissions for discretionary and non-discretionary investment advisory services by securities companies are based on the total assets under management rather than investment performance.
For instance, he says, putting fixed income assets within a wrap account is "all wrong.
QMY bank has sent me details of something called a Wrap Account.
In 2001, he went on to help start the innovative investment management business Seven Investment Management (7IM), which introduced the UK's first institutional wrap account - a tailored and flexible facility for private investors, allowing them to invest in a portfolio of multiple assets such as shares, gilts, property, commodities and cash via one service.
A wrap account has a minimum-required value that is low for a fee-only account.
A Wrap account is a brokerage account with a twist.
Most other accounts charge a fee on a transaction basis, but a wrap account charges a flat 2.
A wrap account is an all-inclusive, fee-based money management device that because of the management fees involved (usually 3-4%) usually involves a substantial investment portfolio.
For such people, the wrap account would be a convenient service.