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vizurückschreiben, antworten; he wrote back saying …er schrieb zurück, um zu sagen, …
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BI360's web-based budgeting provides direct write-back to Microsoft Dynamics GP, with plans to develop more write-back integrations for other ERP systems.
The pervasive use of write-back caching and the high cost of NVRAM-based board solutions negatively impacts the reliability and price advantages of the ATA platform, introducing the possibility of corruption and data loss and negating much of the cost benefit for the enterprise user.
Seagate Worksheet Enhanced With New Write-Back Functionality for Microsoft SQL
VideoStudio 10 Gains Core 2 Duo Optimization, HDV Camcorder Write-back and Support for Newest Hard Drive Camcorders
NS) has reported that its net profit for the fiscal fourth-quarter ended March 31 increased nearly 19 percent from a year earlier, fuelled by higher interest income and a tax write-back.
It might also include a distributed lock manager and write-back caching for higher performance.
Each CPU is equipped with up to one MB of dedicated secondary level, two-way write-back cache for maximum performance in database-intensive applications.
The company also improved its Net Loss position year-to-date by almost $3,000,000 through a write-back to income of $3,200,000.
There are two types of write caching: write-back and write-through.
According to David Washburn, Improve Technologies director of sales and marketing, the Make-it 586 delivers Pentium level performance with its 16K internal write-back cache.
The modules contain all necessary Data, Tag, and Dirty SRAMs to implement a write-back cache of either 128 KBytes or 256 KBytes.