Writing book

a book for practice in penmanship.

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References in classic literature ?
And the world is sad enough without our writing books to make it sadder.
As yet, however, there was no reasoning of the matter, and Charles Reade was writing books of tremendous adventure and exaggerated character, which he prided himself on deriving from the facts of the world around him.
Though there's nothing remarkable in that, seeing that he is constantly contributing articles to various publications or writing books.
I wonder whether the gentlemen who make a business and a living out of writing books, ever find their own selves getting in the way of their subjects, like me?
Writing books, unless one be a great genius--and even then
In fact, I fail to see the advantage of writing books about such people unless it is done in a very different way.
We have got to know through media reports that some international and national film directors and writers are interested in making film and writing book on the rushi- Hemraj murder case.
It is a writing book that is full of practical advice, strategies, diagrammatic representations, examples of mini lessons, a CD-ROM with support material for writers, writing planning sheets (and examples of outcomes from such planning), PowerPoint lessons ready to go, and lots and lots of the most useful and practical ideas that one could possibly wish for in such a guide.
I am now writing book two, which has not yet been named and will be out in May.
In addition, they promoted reading by writing book reviews for the READ California Web site, reading aloud to younger children and speaking about the importance of reading to their peers, neighbors and city officials.
Instead, she is attending summer classes at El Dorado School - poring over math problems, writing book reports and doing research papers - her last chance at graduating from eighth grade and advancing to high school.
Retired at trial's end after writing book, ``Evidence Dismissed,'' which was a best-seller.