Writing master

one who teaches the art of penmanship.

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It's not all about the music though and another must-see is a song writing master class with John Spillane and, mainly for tourists, a genealogy workshop to explore your Irish roots.
105), Brandt is particularly interested in how the historical figure of the writing master has evolved into role models for contemporary young writers very much in need of support and inspiration as they "write over" reading.
CTI also launched Writing Bootcamp, a 10-week writing master class.
He worked as an accountant, a drawer-up of legal papers, and a writing master in Glastonbury.
van Dijk, "An Advertisement Sheet of an Early Fourteenth-Century Writing Master at Oxford," Scriptorium 10 [1956]; 47-64.
It reads: "Gravestones cut in any of the hands by John Baskerville, writing master," and just to prove his capability, the advert is carved into slate.
From 1502 to 1760, it was owned by the Baskerville family whose most famous son, John, a writing master and tombstone engraver, designed the Baskerville Old typeface.
For like the child who could only write at its own desk alias with the writing master to / guide,(2) I though I have no writing master <can?
Poet and writing master whose chief work was Microcosmos (1603), a didactic religious treatise.
In addition, Wasco was motivated by the work of Ludovico degli Arrighi, a writing master during the Renaissance period of the sixteenth century.
In the early 1700s, it was owned by a writing master from Birmingham called Thomas Brown, and after Thomas's death his daughter, Mary Brown, lived there.