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 (wī′lər), William 1902-1981.
American filmmaker who directed such film classics as Wuthering Heights (1939) and Ben-Hur (1959).
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Noun1.Wyler - United States filmmaker (1902-1981)Wyler - United States filmmaker (1902-1981)
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This partnership represents a clear show of confidence to be chosen by such a leader in the mobile space," said Eran Wyler, chief executive officer and founder of InfoGin.
The play was adapted into a film in 1937, directed by William Wyler and starring Humphrey Bogart, and was a best picture Oscar nominee.
A Warner Home Video release of the 1959 MGM film directed by William Wyler.
It was not a campaign promise idly made,'' said Gretchen Wyler, vice president for the Humane Society of the United States, Hollywood, based in Encino, who quit a zoo committee earlier this year to protest the condition of the elephants.
She picks up Jusu (Robin Svartstrom), a hitchhiker who unwisely rejects her overeager sexual advances; he becomes the first victim of this deranged "collector," who later kidnaps Anja (Rea Mauranen), a middle-aged woman who happens to be a collector herself - of butterflies (an echo of the Wyler film).
Allen Wyler, MD, a neurosurgeon who is Northstar Neuroscience's Medical Director, commented on Northstar's investigational therapy: "After a stroke, the brain attempts to compensate for the damaged area by reorganizing through a process known as neuroplasticity.
Those on board so far are Geoffrey Gilmore, programming director of the Sundance Film Festival; filmmaker Abel Ferrara ("Bad Lieutenant"); Steve Davidson, director of the Wolfson Film Archives and Wolfson Media Center; publicist Marion Billings; Catherine Wyler, daughter of director William Wyler and a director herself; Karol Martesko, publisher of Filmmaker magazine; and Richard Seres, president of the Independent Feature Project/South.
Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin said: "Our unique approach originates from recognizing that in order to view a web page that was originally designed for a large screen display, the 'visual aspect' of the Web page must be analyzed; only with such technology any Web site can be automatically adapted and optimized for small displays and easy navigation.
Gretchen Wyler, vice president for the Encino-based Humane Society of the United States, Hollywood, said she saw Tara a month ago and her knees wouldn't bend because of her arthritis.
Tom Wyler, Executive Chairman and President of Optibase, will assume the role of interim Chief Executive Officer until a suitable replacement can be found.
I'm feeling pretty happy,'' said Gretchen Wyler, vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, Hollywood Office in Encino, which backed a lawsuit to return Ruby to Los Angeles.