XOR gate

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Noun1.XOR gate - gate for exclusive OR; a circuit in a computer that fires only if only one of its inputs fire
logic gate, gate - a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs
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However REGs typically employ a XOR gate that produces integer valued out puts with a predetermined statistical form.
In term of power consumption, conventional full adder consumes high power due to use of high power consumption XOR gate.
The XOR gate is a CMOS basic gate that has the behaviour of sum of products xy + xy wherein x and y are the input signals.
The new additions to the VHC family include the MC74VHCT02A Quad 2-Input NOR Gate, the MC74VHCT08A Quad 2-Input AND Gate, the MC74VHCT32A Quad 2-Input OR Gate, the MC74VHCT86A Quad 2-Input XOR Gate, the MC74VHCT125A Quad Bus Buffer, the MC74VHCT126A Quad Bus Buffer, the MC74VHCT132A Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger and the MC74VHCT540A Octal Bus Buffer.
This is the essence of Zeh's decoherence theory which does not violate Schrodinger equation and one ends up with states that are not true classical mixtures, but have the same mathematical description satisfying the XOR gate.
Unlike other CPLDs, an integral XOR gate makes the GLB particularly efficient in handling arithmetic and comparator functions.
A set of universal quantum logic gates like C-Not, Xor gates and Toffoli gates can be constructed using QCA technology; the details about these gates are given in [9].
The quad device configurations include dual-input AND, NAND, OR and XOR gates and output enable low and high tri-state buffers.
The device data brochure contains complete device information for the initial product offering consisting of the most popular logic functions - AND, NAND, OR, XOR gates and Analog Switches.
The initial product offering consists of 15 devices representing the most popular logic functions including AND, NAND, OR and XOR gates.