XOR gate

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Noun1.XOR gate - gate for exclusive OR; a circuit in a computer that fires only if only one of its inputs fire
logic gate, gate - a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs
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The attacker severed the wire of the AND gate's output and inserted an XOR gate and connected to it a NOR gate.
As each XOR gate uses 8 transistors and both OR and AND gates use 6 transistors.
Limited Tenders are invited for Ic Dgtl Hcms Quad 2 I/P Xor Gate 74Hc86 - 1000.
Output voltage and MOSFET gate signal are used as reference and compared with an XOR gate.
To calculate the sign bit, a reversible XOR gate is required.
Two flip-flops FF and a XOR gate will be used to save the read data and to calculate the sum modulo 2 of these data.
In [23, 24], useful implementations of XOR gate are presented which use coplanar cross-over wiring, as demonstrated in Figure 3.
Therefore, we replace the Peres gate with a Feynman gate [17] as an XOR gate and this will lead to a more optimized structure of the proposed squarer.
However REGs typically employ a XOR gate that produces integer valued out puts with a predetermined statistical form.
Firstly, the XOR gate, the configuration of the proposed XOR gate considered in the conducted theoretical treatment, is shown in Fig.
The detailed circuits of the cells in Figure 1 are depicted in Figure 2 thru Figure 4, and [direct sum], [cross product], and D denote XOR gate, AND gate, and one-bit latch (flip-flop), respectively.