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3) The Xanthian genealogical information is from Nicolaus of Damascus' Histories, as described in the Suda.
24) Thus, with regard to Carius, a historical context for the Xanthian tradition can be defined.
The Xanthian genealogy for Carius, after removing the textual difficulties, is truncated.
The Labraundean tradition is specific in the way that it is presented and can be attributed to a particular source, unlike the Xanthian example.
71) Unfortunately, the same conditions are inapplicable to the Xanthian fragment.
In fact, there is no Xanthian evidence that Carius is Apollo, and any such suggestion requires detailed further explanation.
By this scheme, it is better to assimilate the more closely contemporaneous Xanthian Carius to the Labraundean Car, the eponymous figure of the fifth-century Carians, rather than equating Carius with Zeus or Apollo, and therefore he need not be connected with Artemis or Leto.
For a review article published in 1846 on the Xanthian Marbles, England's most recent archeological imports from Asia Minor, Jameson enlisted "Miss [Elizabeth] Barrett" to translate part of Penelope's speech from Book 20 of Homer's Odyssey.
19) Anna Jameson, "The Xanthian Marbles and Memoirs Connected With Them," Memoirs and Essays Illustrative of Art, Literature and Social Morals (New York, 1846), p.
6)The name of Amorges has also been read in the Lykian text of the stele from Xanthos, where Kharee the Xanthian talks about his own contribution to the smiting of the men of Iasos: A.
EBB translated verse for AJ's 1844 Athenaeum essay on the Xanthian Marbles, and Jameson, in turn, quotes "The Cry of the Children" in both SLA, vol.