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 (zăn-thĭp′ē, -tĭp′ē) or Xan·tip·pe (-tĭp′ē) Fifth century bc.
The wife of Socrates, traditionally described as shrewish and scolding.


(zænˈθɪpɪ) or


1. (Biography) the wife of Socrates, proverbial as a scolding and quarrelsome woman
2. any nagging, peevish, or irritable woman


(zænˈtɪp i)

1. fl. late 5th century B.C., wife of Socrates.
2. a shrewish woman.
References in classic literature ?
By this Xanthippe" (so was the wife of Socrates called, said Partridge)--"by this Xanthippe he had two sons, of which I was the younger.
Kimmy is also battling her demons - and Lillian's bratty teenage stepdaughter Xanthippe who's veering completely off the rails and dabbling in drugs, drink and anything else she can get her hands on.
81) Gone is Petruchio's elaborate vow to woo a woman as old as Sibyl, as curst as Xanthippe, or as rough as the Adriatic sea; Ferando merely notes that 'they say thou art a shrew, / And I like thee the better for I would have thee so' (A Shrew 3.
DAMJANIC Xanthippe (Xanthi) (nee Livieratou) Memory Eternal Passed away peacefully at Coventry University Hospital on Thursday 9th July, aged 82 years.
Xanthippe Voorhees, Jacqueline's stepdaughter, is an unhappy teenager who tries to impress her friends by pretending at promiscuity, drinking, and drug use.
Misogynist diatribes of this ilk conventionally cite Mary as the exception to the rule--as the opposite of Xanthippe, Clytemnestra, Jezebel, and Eve.
Socrates defining wisdom in the marketplace not Xanthippe at home pounding out the phyllo for the baklava.
Xanthippe Augerot, Atlas of Pacific Salmon: The First Map-Based Status Assessment of Salmon in the North Pacific (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005).
Nan is more learned than all the girls, More formidable than fierce Camilla More unable to shut up than Xanthippe [the shrewish wife of Socrates], Bold, garrulous, obstinate, aggressive Fierce, grim comrade of the sister Furies, Momus's daughter [god of ridicule], Zoilus' mother, Writing alarmingly, with watercress-sharp glare, She does not allow you to be careless.
A very beautiful woman named Xanthippe, the wife of Albinus, a friend of the emperor, also came to Peter with the other ladies and kept away from Albinus.
XANTHIPPE AUGEROT, ATLAS OF PACIFIC SALMON 34-35 (2005) (stating that eighty percent of salmon harvest in the Pacific northwest is hatchery-derived).
This observation caused Antisthenes to put it to Socrates, "Why, if he thought so, did he not educate Xanthippe, instead of leaving her the most notoriously ill-conditioned wife in existence?