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 (zĕn′ə-ĕs′trə-jĕn, zē′nə-)
Any of various chemical compounds, especially those present in manufactured items or in agrochemical or industrial waste, that imitate natural estrogens and thus disrupt the normal endocrine system.
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The xenoestrogen bisphenol A induces growth, differentiation, and c-fos gene expression in the female reproductive tract.
Disruption of Parity-Induced Tumor Suppressor Pathways by Xenoestrogen Exposures [website].
Low levels of BPA, however, act additively with xenoestrogen and natural estrogens (Silva, Rajapakse, & Kortenkamp, 2002; Soto, Chung, & Sonnenschein, 1994; Soto, Fernandez, Luizzi, Oles Karasko, & Sonnenschein, 1997; Tollefesen, 2002).
Increased oviposition with increasing sources of xenoestrogen source is a logical trend given the estrogenic effects of these compounds in living organisms.
BPA is a xenoestrogen, a man-made compound that has estrogenic effects.
4) More specifically, BPA is a xenoestrogen, which mimics the relative bioactivity of estrogen.
Cancers specific to female reproductive organs such as the breast, uterus and ovary, are associated with higher long-term exposure to oestrogen, and numerous studies have shown that environmental xenoestrogen presence and exposure is higher in urban areas.
The principal metabolite derived from DDT is called DDE, a xenoestrogen that lingers in fat deposits in the human body for decades.
The xenoestrogen peril is not yet front-page news, but it would come as no surprise to Rachel Carson, the early environmentalist who in 1962 first pointed an accusing finger at DDT.
SS: A xenoestrogen is like the molecule of estrogen we have floating around in our body--normally it attaches to an estrogen receptor site.