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Defections from both Saleh's YAF and the Houthi camp began to increase in early August.
There are reports in Aden Post that Iranian crews and technicians have been sent to Sanaa International Airport, as effective safeguards of YAF air assets.
The YAF had hammered rebel positions in Hamdan, Bani-Matar and Iyal Sreih in Umran with artillery.
Stanton Evans, a long-time advisor to YAF and a mainstay at their conventions, put it this way: "If I'd known he'd been up to all that stuff, I'd have been for Nixon all along.
YAF recorded profit before tax of pounds 208,000 on revenues of pounds 9.
Throughout the book Andrew attempts to construct a parallel between the right and left -- the YAF is the Students for a Democratic Society of the right.
Due to Merkle's reputation among our nonprofit colleagues, we had been interested in working with them for quite some time," said Ron Robinson, president of YAF.
The YAF command says over 550 AQAP militants have been killed since an April 2014 offensive was launched against the Neo-Salafi group which is said to have links to Iran's IRGC.
By then, the YAF on Hadi's orders had sided with the Ahmar leaders whose clan had been divided into two rival factions.
The US and the YAF are inflicting heavy losses on AQAP; and the Houthi fighters now face repeated YAF air-strikes.
YAF denounced Paul and his supporters as "the anti-conservative left within our movement.
I was careful to note the dinged-up hunk of surface-to-air missile sitting in the corner of Air Force room, with no sign to indicated why, and the jaunty mustache painted above the lip of one of the mannequins sporting a YAF pilot's uniform.