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Never mind that the crowd responded most to his being an editor of YES! magazine, as announced in his bioprofile.
In the November 2015 issue of YES! Magazine, she herself disclosed that at the time she auditioned for "Eat Bulaga," she can't act, not even sing or dance.
His work has appeared in The Nation, The Progressive, Middle East Policy, Al Jazeera, Yes! Magazine, The Ecologist, and numerous other publications.
Then I found YES! Magazine, which runs stories about real people doing creative things to support a healthy environment and vibrant communities.
YES! Magazine creator and publisher Fran Korten talked about "planetary alchemy.
In a recent interview in Yes! magazine, Paul Ray stressed that he does not see the term cultural Creative as a "stick-on label.
The reality of old age comes to people at different times,and for me it's trying to do the pounds 1,000 crossword in Yes! magazine.
The photo of Dee and Pascual which was posted by Yes! Magazine on their Facebook page was taken during the Sunpiology run in Taguig City on Saturday.
THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: OCCUPY WALL STREET AND THE 99% MOVEMENT comes from the editors of YES! Magazine and gathers perspectives from within and outside the movement to convey the issues and intentions behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.
On the night that we will be honoring our strong, feisty women--Tribute Night--we will also be challenged by another strong feisty woman, Fran Korten, publisher of Yes! Magazine.
The Humanist: In an interview for Yes! magazine you said, "It's not journalism's role to pass on opinions.
Also spotted were media Publishing president and CEO Ernesto Lopez, Philippine Star president and CEO Miguel Belmonte, Summit Media president Lisa Gokongwei, One Mega Group CEO Sari Yap, Yes! Magazine editor in chief Jo-Ann Maglipon, People Asia's Joanne Rae Ramirez, and restaurateurs Rikki and Beng Dee.