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A badly-needed lesson after the visit to Yad Vasheem.
Hastalarin yaslari, boylari, kilolari, egitim duzeyleri, calisilan ekstremiteleri, on tanilari ve incelemeyi yapan doktor ile SII ve i-EMG'deki BAD ve YAD GAS skorlari arasinda iliski bulunmadi.
What led me to Yad Vashem was the realization that my thinking about Israeli-Palestinian issues has changed the way that I think about the Holocaust.
COOL SHOT The ski slope at Yad Moss, near Alston Northumberland, by Alan Harrison FIRE AND SMOKE Ernest Storey snapped the Chinese New Year celebrations and, right, a steam train at Tanfield by Stephen Robson SILHOUETTE A car transporter crosses the Tyne Bridge at sunset, by reader John Brown
But Yad Vashem officials gave the speech a lukewarm response.
However, some Jewish leaders were disappointed by his later remarks at Yad Vashem when he spoke of the "horrific tragedy of the Shoah", the Hebrew term for the Holocaust, and called it an atrocity that had disgraced mankind and must never be repeated.
Yad Vashem is the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem established in Israel as a "Martyrs' and Heroes' Commemoration.
Franco said the poPe will not visit the museum section of Yad Vashem, Israel's most important Holocaust memorial, though he will lay a wreath at the site's Hall of Remembrance.
Israeli security sources said that a considerable number of security forces had amassed to evacuate the outpost of Yad Yair, on the western outskirts of Ramallah.
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Dubai-based venture capital fund, Alf Yad Limited, is investing in EmBio, which is set to be the first dedicated producer of high-grade biodiesel in the Middle East, a report said.
Mr Brown also made visits to Jerusalem's Yad Vashem holocaust memorial and, in Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, the reputed birthplace of Jesus Christ.