Yale lock

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Yale lock

(Tools) trademark a type of cylinder lock using a flat serrated key
[C19: after L Yale (1821–68), US inventor]

Yale lock®

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She would be perfectly safe, he said, as he had just put a new Yale lock on the front door.
I remembered myself how the ground-floor windows were elaborately bolted and shuttered, and how the doors of all the rooms opening upon the square inner hall were fitted with extra Yale locks, at an unlikely height, not to be discovered by one within the room.
Yale lock on house door superglued preventing access.
The group confirmed yesterday that its famous Yale lock division was going to Sweden's Assa Abloy for pounds 860 million.
He escaped through the back door by undoing the Yale lock.
started the Yale lock company in 1840 inventing the modern pin tumbler mortise lock and padlock.
Wooden door slats removed to get into garage, and raider reached in and opening Yale lock.
Side window of garage smashed and raider climbed through, escaping by unlocking Yale lock from inside.
Nails securing garage removed, Yale lock forced and property stolen.
Small square pane of glass near Yale lock smashed and raider reached in to undo lock, enter and find car keys and garage key.

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