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Noun1.Yama - Hindu god of death and lord of the underworld
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This work calls for a re-dimension of literary creation regarding female writers from Curacao--mainly catalogued as literature for young people--through an analysis of two publications: firstly, Mundu yama sintamira.
Al regresar ve a su esposo muerto y al dios Yama a punto de llevarselo.
Sato means "humanized or anthropogenic forest" and yama means "mountain.
Yama consists of nonviolence, truthfulness, nonstealing, continence, and abstention from greed.
The Ministers agreed with the Commission's assessment of the progress made in the talks with YAMA and stressed the need to close them as soon as possible.
The plaintiffs in the case have asked the court to enjoin Canon from selling products that infringe on the '982 patent, and award damages to compensate Yama Capital for losses due to either direct infringement or inducement to infringement.
But, Yama naka said, "When she got married to Cas, she was firmly involved .
Yama, by French-Belgian choreographer Damien Jalet, was inspired by his trip to Tohoku, the tsunami-hit region of Japan.
Kozmetiklere karsi mesleksel alerjik reaksiyonlar en sik kuaforlerde gorulmekte ve meslekle iliskili en sik kaynak sac urunleridir (5), iki yuz dokuz kuafor uzerinde italya'da yapilan bir calismada % 43,8'inde sac bakim serilerindeki bir veya daha fazla antijene karsi pozitif yama testi saptanmistir (6).
The exhibit contained photos dated back to 1909 and featured Omar Yama Wakataru, a Japanese pilgrim, who visited Makkah for Haj.
Comments posted by Yama Tough on Google+ and Pastebin suggest that the Symantec information was accessed from an Indian government server.
Bugun icin gelisen teknolojiyle birlikte oncelikli olarak balon anjiyoplasti ve stent yerlestirilmesi gibi intravaskuler girisimlerin yaninda cerrahi olarak klasik uc-uca (end-to-end) anastomoz (ETE), subklaviyan flap aortoplasti (SFA), yama (patch) aortoplasti ve greft interpozisyonu gibi prosedurler soz konusudur (1, 2).