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(ˈyæm pə)
a river in NW Colorado, flowing W into the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. 250 mi. (402 km) long.
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In Craig and other towns along the Yampa River, many residents dismiss such talk as nonsense.
12,679 12,679 Just Right Carbines 12,610 12,610 Mega Arms 12,564 12,564 Palmetto State Armory 10,848 10,848 Yampa Precision Mfg.
The Green and Yampa Rivers offer thrill-seekers class three and four rapids, and the latter includes the Maytag hydraulic (known for flipping boats).
At this time, after consideration of the chemicals involved and environmental conditions, it appears unlikely for harmful quantities of the released material to reach the Yampa River," Environmental Health Director Mike Zopf wrote in a news release.
In this paper, we summarize long-term changes in submerged vegetation in the Green and Yampa rivers in Dinosaur National Park, Colorado and Utah.
The Dinosaur National Monument area boasts two of the West's most beautiful rivers, the Green River and the Yampa River.
Today, their 28 radiologists interpret studies for more than 70 locations throughout Colorado, including the Denver metro area, Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley, as well as sites in Nebraska.
Elsewhere, Colorado's Yampa and Idaho's Snake should be flowing higher than usual.
National Monument, at the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers along
As I write this column, the snow is piled high around the windows of the home of good friends in the Yampa Valley Icicles hanging from the roof frame an expansive view of a meadow covered with crystalline snow and the lower slopes of Mt.
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always hungry--Honey Eaters, Yampa Eaters, the great tradition, leaning