Yampa River

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Yam·pa River

A river, about 400 km (250 mi) long, of northwest Colorado flowing north then west to the Green River.
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These two out-of-the-box ideas are accompanied by a third inside-the-box proposal of similarly grand dimensions, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District's vision of a pipeline drawing water from the Yampa River about 30 miles west of Craig.
Tubing down the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, past bubbling hot sulfur springs.
Spring and summer activities include balloon rides, glider rides, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) riding, rafting and boating, horseback riding, golf and fishing at the adjacent Yampa River or hiking at the Arapaho National Forest.
The Yampa River Core Trail is a seven-mile cruise through town passing lush parks.
Within the last year have come two new ideas, one of pumping water from the Yampa River from west of Craig to the Front Range and, most innovative of all, Aaron Million's out-of-the-box idea of tapping Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah.
Come July, the Yampa River flows through Steamboat Springs at an amiable pace--perfect for tubers.
Floating down western Colorado's Yampa River is an exercise in opposing forces: stillness and motion.
The Edgemont features exceptional ski-in/ski-out convenience, offers spectacular views of the Yampa River Valley, and is close to aprE?
The Green River is regulated by Flaming Gorge Dam, which is 105 river km upstream of the confluence of the Yampa River (river km 555.
One bright morning Jeremy--a fanatic angler--opted to spend the day fly-fishing for rainbow trout on the Yampa River with Trey Dail, a wrangler whose duties include fly-fishing excursions.
Historical and recent sampling in the Yampa River, including that conducted within our study areas as recently as 2001 and with comparable sampling gear, failed to detect the Iowa darter (Holden and Stalnaker, 1975; R.