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 (yŭm′ə-nə) or Jum·na (jŭm′nə)
A river of northern India rising in the Himalaya Mountains and flowing about 1,385 km (860 mi) generally southeast to the Ganges River at Allahabad.
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UNDER the nose of the Uttar Pradesh irrigation and fisheries departments, rampant fishing is going on in the Okhla Barrage stretch of the Yamuna river.
While nearly 90 percent of the households in the Indian region of Delhi are said to have adequate sanitation, because they have indoor toilets, nearly all of the untreated wastewater is discharged to the Yamuna River -- a source of drinking water for cities downstream.
Legend has it that Jehangir, who reigned from 1605 to 1627, had hung a bell between Agra Fort and the bank of Yamuna river to allow his subjects direct access to his justice.
The m dmi Party (P) chief has been allotted two duplex flats -- each with five rooms -- on Bhagwan Das road in New Delhi, a stone's throw from Players' Building, the multi-storeyed Delhi government secretariat on the right bank of the Yamuna river.
HELP, 2010-12, is a three-channel video shot on the Yamuna River, the historical basis for the city's existence, and now a flowing sewer.
The leaders paid floral tributes at Rajghat - the Mahatma Gandhi memorial on the bank of the Yamuna river.
The river is a tributary of the Yamuna river, which feeds the largest river in Northern India, the Ganges.
Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials at the Taj Mahal took a look at the rear of the Taj Mahal facing the Yamuna river after the alarm.
It contrasts the grossly polluted Yamuna river in Delhi with what he found in the North East, where rivers have been transformed from waterways poisoned by sewage.
The one-act opera is an account of a boat ride on the Yamuna River by Lord Krishna and the Gopis.
On Sunday, Indian organizing committee officials met to review the work at the Games Village where masons plastered walls while workers dried out the basement of the Village which sits on the flooded plains of the Yamuna river.
National River water quality standards and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for river water quality has been considered for comparison of water quality of Yamuna River within the influence zone, Table 1.