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Noun1.United States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United StatesUnited States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United States
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
Eurodollar - a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade
References in classic literature ?
By the way, Ivan tells me the dead man had a Yankee dollar in his pocket.
Lee followed up Wickham's penalty with the 88th-minute wonder winner to make it a perfect end to a week when the Yankee dollar arrived at Selhurst Park.
09 (480m): Drumena Mean It, Briar Lane Coral, Renager, Blacktrench Daw, Yankee Dollar, Banana Mambo.
The Stafford, a quintessential London hotel, tolerates the Yankee dollar, to the extent it has created an American bar.
Harry Burton's November 10 whelp was winning the first race of his career when making it eighth time lucky in beating Yankee Dollar by a comfortable two and a half lengths.
It looked to me like a baseball side that had sold its soul for the Yankee dollar.
The action moved along nicely, with a killer opening scene of disaster cutting back to the start of the story as the Bafta-clutching couple get seduced by the waving of the yankee dollar and the promise of swimming pools.
But he has played down concerns that he is set to leave Europe behind for a more lucrative kind of glory, chasing the yankee dollar.
But he laughed at the prospect of chasing the Yankee dollar like David Beckham.
This move is not about chasing the Yankee dollar," said the 26-year-old.
Even worse, the P R man in question later introduced himself as a former "lifelong Liverpool supporter" who had seen the light after taking the Yankee dollar.
Canada and Mexico in one big super-state and to replace the good old Yankee dollar with a worthless new currency called the Amero.