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n. pl. Yakut or Ya·kuts
1. A member of a people inhabiting the region of the Lena River in eastern Siberia.
2. The Turkic language of the Yakut.

Ya·kut′ adj.


npl -kuts or -kut
1. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of the Sakha Republic, in Russia
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Turkic branch of the Altaic family



n., pl. -kuts, (esp. collectively) -kut.
1. a member of a people of E Siberia, living mainly in the Lena River valley and adjacent areas.
2. the Turkic language of the Yakuts.
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Noun1.Yakut - a member of a Turkic people of northeastern Siberia (mainly in the Lena river basin)
Turki - any member of the peoples speaking a Turkic language
2.Yakut - the Turkic language spoken by the Yakut
Turkic, Turkic language, Turko-Tatar, Turki - a subfamily of Altaic languages
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By far the most extensive geographical work is the Mu'jam al-buldan of Yaqut al-Hamawi, arranged as a dictionary with place names in alphabetical order.
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