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n.1.(Hindoo Myth.) A kind of demigod attendant on Kuvera, the god of wealth.
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Yasha Kazakov, a Jewish Muscovite, wrote to the Supreme Soviet in May, renouncing his citizenship.
com)-- Yasha Harari launches his Marketing Insights podcast from YashaHarari.
There is a vast literature on this, but for a good analysis of the 'cybersecurity complex', see Yasha Levine, "From Russia, with Panic," The Baffler, No.
Justman; Yasha Stubbs and Demetri Henderson; Amanda N.
MATHS whizz Yasha Asley has graduated with a first-class honours degree aged just 15.
13) Yasha Levine, "The CNN Effect: Georgia Schools Russia in Information Warfare," The eXiled Online, August 13, 2008, http://exiledonline.
Yasha Levine, Almost Everyone Involved in Developing Tor Was
While the lengthy book seems predominately occupied by human drama--the complicated relationship between Brad Tolliver and Yasha Jones is the only storyline that appears to have interested early critics--the social cannot be isolated from the material consequences of the impending flood.
These researchers had been listening in on a pair of Black Sea bottlenose dolphins named Yasha and Yana when they found that the various sounds that the dolphins made could be attributed to as 'words' and that the dolphins would wait for the other to finish a 'sentence' before responding with its own set of sounds.
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Marium Mirza beat Shahida Badhah 6-2, 7-5; Maheen Khan beat Nawal Imtiaz 6-2, 6-1; Noor Malik w/o Yasha Atiq.