Year's purchase

1.The amount that is yielded by the annual income of property; - used in expressing the value of a thing in the number of years required for its income to yield its purchase price, in reckoning the amount to be paid for annuities, etc.
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Aliriza Elezi from the Ministry of Agriculture, says not only are we to have record production of tobacco this year, but its quality is better and therefore this year's purchase price is higher than last year's.
Among numerous charges, the company wrote down the value of its holdings in Boston Scientific and incurred integration costs related to last year's purchase of assets from that company.
The casino floor has already been remodeled and there are new dining options, thanks to last year's purchase of the company by Landry's Restaurants Inc.
David Peretz, Broadway's vice president of acquisitions, said, "With the acquisition of Ten/10 Post Office Square, along with last year's purchase of Prospect Hill Office Park in Waltham, Broadway Partners is now in a very competitive position in Boston's strong office space market.
SUPERMARKET chain Morrisons is continuing to suffer difficulties in seeing through last year's purchase of Safeway.
This addition follows the last year's purchase of three 100-barrel fermenters and the installation of their new 100-barrel copper brew house.
Improved, air service already makes it possible for visitors to fly into Cuzco in time to catch the morning train to Machu Picchu, making Aguas Calientes more accessible to business travelers with tight schedules, Last year's purchase of the train by the swanky Orient-Express hotel chain is expected to result in upgraded rail service from Cuzco.
The increase in selling and administrative expense arose primarily from the increased costs due to the prior year's purchase of the remaining half of the company's European joint venture.
Last year's purchase of IEI gave TPI the assets with which to start the publication, TPI said.
Rice Financial, which gained a large share in the Southwest with last year's purchase of Houston's minority-owned brokerage Apex Securities (No.
This acquisition builds on last year's purchase of Liebig, the leading wet soup in France and the 1996 acquisition of Erasco, Germany's leading wet soup firm.
Mr Ingram Hill wants to capitalise on the strong interest shown in last year's purchase of Welcome Break.