imp.1.Went. See Yode.
All as he bade fulfilled was indeed
This ilke servant anon right out yede.
- Chaucer.
[He] on foot was forced for to yeed.
- Spenser
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Others are: Iyana Alakuko, Gaa-Lamba, Okepete, Pampo, Apata Ajele, Ogiri, Onile Aro, Ajuwon, Efue, Gaa Abuyanrin, Berikodo Dongari, Gbaja, Ologbo, Agboyi, Ilaji Owode, Owode Alagbon, Oniyere, Ajagusi, Budo Adio, Onikeke, Yede, Oja Iya, Kupola, Awe, Agbonna, Jagun and Agbolu.
G&E: 861-862) Sone so it was lith of day, Grim it under-tok [thorn]e tivey (H: 663-664) And at [thorn]e croiz, [thorn]at he biforn lay, Siren yede sore grotinde awey.
G&E: 861-862) Sone so it was lith of day, Grim it under-tok [thorn]e wey (H: 663-664) And at [thorn]e croiz, [thorn]at he biform lay, Si[thorn]en yede grotinde awey.
In The Flower and the Leaf the path brings the narrator to 'right a pleasaunt herber, well ywrought' (line 49) which has earthen benches covered with turf of 'greene gras' (line 51), and a 'hegge also, that yede in compas / And closed in all the green herbere, / [which] With sicamour was set and eglatere' (lines 54-6).
The Gawain-poet stresses the seriousness of the game when the two men repeat the terms of this agreement: "To bed yet er thay yede, / Recorded couenauntez ofte; / The olde lorde of that leude / Cowthe wel halde layk alofte" (1122-25).
The Yiddish on this page reads "dizen tzetel mooz men mitbreingen ba yede tzollung.
b and nalla deepening at shegaon kund no-1,2,3 and umari yede no-1,2,3 and daigavan ta- hinganghat, dist-wardha.
In Middle English, the preterite eode survived as either yode, which exhibits stress shift from the first to the second element of the diphthong, or as 3e-(o)de, yede, etc.
Chaucer has wente as his normal form, though yede still occurs occasionally, always in rhyme positions (e.
A similar statement in Fisiak (1968: 97-98) attributes the introduction of went(e) to the impact of Northern and partly Midland dialects so that "At the end of ME went existed side by side with yede, yade".
But in his Englische Sprache, published a year earlier, Brunner (1962: 283) states that yode and yede were preserved until the 16th century, the e-form even later.
The meeting was chaired by governor Mondher Yedes and attended by the World Food Programme (WFP) general co-ordinator of relief operations in the South.