imp.1.Went. See Yode.
All as he bade fulfilled was indeed
This ilke servant anon right out yede.
- Chaucer.
[He] on foot was forced for to yeed.
- Spenser
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Others are: Iyana Alakuko, Gaa-Lamba, Okepete, Pampo, Apata Ajele, Ogiri, Onile Aro, Ajuwon, Efue, Gaa Abuyanrin, Berikodo Dongari, Gbaja, Ologbo, Agboyi, Ilaji Owode, Owode Alagbon, Oniyere, Ajagusi, Budo Adio, Onikeke, Yede, Oja Iya, Kupola, Awe, Agbonna, Jagun and Agbolu.
9] Un estudio mas amplio de este genero deberia considerar el analisis de yetarafue a partir de las siguientes categorias: yetade (palabra para el buen vivir) y yede (transmitir la palabra, ladrar, instruir, untar).
While Havelok is introduced as a knight-hero (and thus later in the poem emerges as victor against traitors of kingdoms), he is also (and first) introduced as a sufferer (like Christ): 'Wil he was litel he yede ful naked' (6).
Syne come he till a wonder grisely flude, Droubly and depe, that rathly doun can ryn, Quhare Tantalus nakit full thristy stude, And yit the water yede abone his chyn.
G&E: 861-862) Sone so it was lith of day, Grim it under-tok [thorn]e tivey (H: 663-664) And at [thorn]e croiz, [thorn]at he biforn lay, Siren yede sore grotinde awey.
The Gawain-poet stresses the seriousness of the game when the two men repeat the terms of this agreement: "To bed yet er thay yede, / Recorded couenauntez ofte; / The olde lorde of that leude / Cowthe wel halde layk alofte" (1122-25).
The Yiddish on this page reads "dizen tzetel mooz men mitbreingen ba yede tzollung.
Yen abibifo de yei nye asem a akyingye biara wo ho ma yen, efise yen sukuu mu adesua a edefa anyansasem ho no, esiane se Abrofo bedii yen so mre bi no nti, Abrofo kasa na yede ka ho asem.
he sleep Saterday and Sonday, til sonne yede [= went] to reste.
over myn heed yede, And made me balled bifore and bare on the croune: So harde he yede over myn heed it wol be sene evere .
b and nalla deepening at shegaon kund no-1,2,3 and umari yede no-1,2,3 and daigavan ta- hinganghat, dist-wardha.
Bot alle forsakep pe segge With condit as he come-- [And] Tytus segyp pe toun For hard hunger and hote and to pe cite yede he kepip no more.