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 (jə-hŏsh′ə-făt′, -hŏs′-) or Je·hos·a·phat (-hŏs′-) Ninth century bc.
King of Judah who formed an alliance with the kingdom of Israel.


(dʒɪˈhɒʃəˌfæt; -ˈhɒs-)
1. (Bible) the king of Judah (?873–?849 bc) (I Kings 22:41–50)
2. (Bible) the site of Jehovah's apocalyptic judgment upon the nations (Joel 4:14)


(dʒɪˈhɒʃ əˌfæt, -ˈhɒs-)

a king of Judah who reigned in the 9th century B.C. I Kings 22:41–50.
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In 2009, Vaadia installed the large sculpture "Asa & Yehoshafat - 2000 - Bronze, Bluestone, Boulder" in Independence Park, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Israel should "refrain from a provocation for which the adversary may have only one response, nuclear war," says Yehoshafat Harkabi, a former Israeli chief of military intelligence, in his 1982 The Bar Kokhba Syndrome: Risk and Realism in International Relations.
In 1986 this self-righteousness was described by C Yehoshafat Harkabi, a former director of Israeli Military Intelligence, as "the biggest real danger" to the Jewish state.