Yellow sponge

a common and valuable commercial sponge (Spongia agaricina, variety corlosia) found in Florida and the West Indies.

See also: Sponge

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You would be down and out and the guy would come out with a yellow sponge, put it on you and you'd recover.
She soaked yellow sponge cake in jelly rather than alcohol.
However, when someone [my mother, my sister, myself] grabbed a sponge -- a particular yellow sponge for washing dishes -- Totin became mad.
There is a love for Spongebob Squarepants in our house (I know he is a cartoon character, but we do have books with him in it), but sending our son to school dressed as a yellow sponge is just not going to happen.
Even though sponges present different shapes (massive, digitiform, encrustant, radial, and vase-shaped) and different body consistencies (ranging from rigid to soft), they are locally labeled based exclusively on their external color, such as white sponge, black sponge, yellow sponge, etc (Figure 3).
If anyone's looking for me, I'll be attempting to impress the offspring by hobbling to the nearest foam suppliers for a large square slice of yellow sponge.
The currantspotted, canary yellow sponge slowly steams away, giving off wafts of sweet fruit scents, which makes one tempted to get stuck in before the pudding has finished cooking.
Todd White has built up a celebrity following since leading the design team at Warner Bros which created the yellow sponge character who lives under the sea.
In 1998, a 'toon-seasoned Fagerbakke recorded the pilot for an offbeat Nickelodeon show about an optimistic yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
Join the escapades of the little yellow sponge and his loving pet snail Gary who both live in a giant pineapple.
When the traffic light turns red, she weaves between lanes of stopped cars, holding a bottle of sudsy water in one hand and a yellow sponge and rubber squeegee in the other.