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n.1.(Zool.) A rock trout (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) found on the coast of Alaska; - called also striped fish, and Atka mackerel.
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An interesting species taken on this trip was the Largescale yellowfish caught on the mini spinnerbait.
Ladbrokes are betting on which species is next removed from the MCS 'fishto-eat' list and make yellowfish tuna the 6-4 favourite, with swordfish 2-1 and haddock 7-2.
Catch per unit of effort (CPUE: kg/min) was calculated for total catch (all species) as well as for six flatfish species: yellowfish sole (Limanda aspera); flathead sole (Hippoglossoides elassodon); arrowtooth flounder (Atheresthes stomias); rock sole (Lepidopsetta spp.
He pointed to one of the body parts stocked up at the store, vying for attention with shark fin, duck's gizzard and dried sea cucumber, and said to me with the air of an Everester taking a breather on the summit, " That's yellowfish maw.
The committee under the quota control body has also recommended that the quota for swordfish be cut and that for yellowfish tuna not be increased from the current level, they said.
2--Color) These yellowfish tuna from Guadalupe Island were the result of patience during a recent multiday trip.
LeBlanc has also recently instituted a new support desk incident tracking system from Westport, CT-based Yellowfish Software, to provide systematic response to customer requests and management reports to insure quality.
The company selected Parature after evaluating online support solutions from other vendors including RightNow Technologies and YellowFish Software.
Conservation initiatives aimed at protecting populations of the two larger cyprinids (fish species) in the catchment, namely the Clanwilliam yellowfish and sawfin are being implemented.
Main species angled for during the International were carp and muddies, yellowfish and barbel were also caught but fewer in number.
YellowFish Software, a leading provider of helpdesk software for the IT incident management market, today released Revelation(TM) Helpdesk 3.
Annual re-growth of terrestrial vegetation, nutrient rich inflows later in the year and the fact that most of her shoreline is given over the private and government run wildlife reserves, makes Jozini a fishing Mecca where not only tigerfish are caught, but good populations of bream, yellowfish and carp entertain anglers too, making Jozini one of South Africa's prime in-country tiger fishing destinations, easily accessible and picturesque in its setting.