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(Placename) a river rising in N Wyoming and flowing north through Yellowstone National Park, then east to the Missouri. Length: 1080 km (671 miles)


(ˈyɛl oʊˌstoʊn)

a river flowing from NW Wyoming through Yellowstone Lake and NE through Montana into the Missouri River in W North Dakota. 671 mi. (1080 km) long.
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Noun1.Yellowstone - a tributary of the Missouri River that flows through the Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone - a tributary of the Missouri River that flows through the Yellowstone National Park
Montana, Treasure State, MT - a state in northwestern United States on the Canadian border
Equality State, WY, Wyoming - a state in the western United States; mountainous in the west and north with the Great Plains in the east
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The American traders contented themselves with following up the head branches of the Missouri, the Yellowstone, and other rivers and streams on the Atlantic side of the mountains, but forbore to attempt those great snow-crowned sierras.
Henry, already mentioned, he established a post on the banks of the Yellowstone River in
Michael was the promotor's brother, and ran the Yellowstone pool rooms where he made goodly sums on the fight game.
He's right across at the Yellowstone, throwin' chests and doing the popular.
From the Sierra Nevada to Nebraska, and from the Yellowstone River in the north to the Colorado upon the south, is a region of desolation and silence.
He was naked and alone, in the midst of an unbounded wilderness; his only chance was to reach a trading post of the Missouri Company, situated on a branch of the Yellowstone River.
Even the bison, to some extent, keeps pace with the seasons cropping the pastures of the Colorado only till a greener and sweeter grass awaits him by the Yellowstone.
For Yellowstone, that type of supereruption last happened more than 600,000 years ago, after magma filled the empty chambers below the Earth's surface some decades before it blew.
The Fish and Wildlife Services decision came despite a recent increase in grizzly deaths in the Yellowstone region following the demise of some of the bears key food sources, including the seeds of whitebark pine.
1 million years ago, the area that is now Yellowstone moved over this magma chamber and was rocked by a massive volcanic eruption.
The five persons injured during 2015 (four Yellowstone visitors and one employee) ranged in age from 16 to 68 years (median = 43 years); four were female.
Yellowstone Capital and Fundry have continuously contributed to their cause.