Yellowstone Lake

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Yel′lowstone Lake′

a lake in NW Wyoming, in Yellowstone National Park. 20 mi. (32 km) long; 140 sq. mi. (363 sq. km).
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a prebid tour will be held at 10:00 am on thursday, september 28, 2017 at the yellowstone lake state park dam site.
amp;nbsp;The Yellowstone volcano last erupted about 174,000 years ago, creating what's called West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake.
The third eruption created what is known today as the Yellowstone Caldera, which stretches over a 30-by-45-mile oval in the park that includes the northern half of Yellowstone Lake.
Our vice president of conservation programs recounts how he and companions trekked more than 20 miles into an area southeast of Yellowstone Lake that is reported to be the farthest you can get from a road in the lower 48 states.
In 2014, Yochim spent a week canoing the perimeter of Yellowstone Lake with friends, and each day of that trip shapes a chapter.
Within a vast area nearly 9,000 sq km in size are mountain ranges, canyons, rivers and lakes, the most famous of which is Yellowstone Lake.
Don't miss Yellowstone Lake, the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet in North America.
Considering the purported magma bubble hovering below Yellowstone Lake - greater in volume than all the Great Lakes - should they be blasting in that region?
Sea kayak beautiful Yellowstone Lake, ringed with geyser basins and framed by the Absaroka Mountains.
Many of the parkAAEs dwindling creeks and rivers are no longer draining into Yellowstone Lake, cutting off native fish from their spawning grounds.
After viewing the 304-foot drop of the Lower Falls, my friend drove up the Yellowstone River to Yellowstone Lake.

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